A Charming Vintage Hankie Butterfly Quilt

Stitch Up A Butterfly Quilt To Be Treasured.

Turn your beautiful old handkerchiefs into an easy butterfly quilt. If you love butterflies and feel like making something extra special use old or vintage hankies. The blocks can be used to make a table topper, a tote, or a nice addition to a fabric basket.


Unlike a hankie that is folded into a butterfly, to make this quilt use the butterflies wings to display a full spread of the pretty hankies. Keep in their original shape where some are scalloped and others have colorful borders. Use ones with lace or add lace to make it the same size as the others. Each hankie can be totally different creating a span of individual butterflies capturing beautiful vintage patterns and colors. You may have a box full put away which has been moved from place to place. Hankies create stunning quilts, and if the they belonged to someone special, the quilt will be treasured by loved ones.

vintage style butterfly hankie quilt Mothers hankerchief

The blocks in this 68″ x 81″ hankerchief quilt are quite large for a full display of a the butterfly and you can add decorative trims or edge with lace for extra charm. Then use about a quarter of a hankie to make a quilt label stitched to the back to make it a keepsake that will stay in the family for years.

If you don’t have a collection of hankies they’re often found in thrift stores so start collecting. You may have just two or three that you have kept and treasured over time but not enough to make a quilt. To make a quilt you can purchase some extra from here Vintage hankies available here.

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