Bargello Placemats A Striking Feature On Your Table

These Bargello Placemats Are So Easy Make Them For All Seasons.

Practice Bargello’s and color value with these striking placemats. If already experienced these placemats are a breeze to make. A small project such as this is perfect to get the feel for Bargello quilts. They’re quick and not as challenging as a full size quilt, yet large enough to capture a true Bargello feel. Immediately catching a creative feel, these placemats can be made in any color. The design is made up of a mix of seven different prints/solids/colors. A quick design to put together with immense rewards.

Start searching through the stash basket. looking for seven straight 1/4 yard cuts( not Fat quarters). The fabric should be increasing in tones of color from very light to very dark. The pattern image is a great guide. Dominating navy blue in these Bargello mats are exquisite and perfect for almost any décor, from a formal dining table to a holiday home. Any color fabric ranging from extreme light to dark would look fantastic with this design.

Bargello pattern for beginners

A little strip piecing experience would be helpful, but if not, a perfect project to try out a Bargello. Color value knowledge always helps when choosing fabric, but even without experience, with putting a couple of fabric pieces together (great fun) you’ll soon see the effect. Simply take out seven pieces of what you have and start playing around. Start with laying out the darkest pieces, then the next lightest, right up to the lightest pieces, in increasing tones of color. If one or two don’t feel quite right, dive head first back into the stash basket and mix and match till you love it!

Bargello placemat pattern

Once the colors are right, follow the guide for placement. The results are exciting. Bargello’s always look so complicated. The designer of Ormonde Beach Quilts designed these placemats are for beginners. For an experienced quilter, you’ll be making a couple of sets for each season, and even gifts.

Bargello placemats dark to light color wayThis Bargello pattern is available for purchase for a very small fee.