Christmas Wreath With Birds For Any Time Of Year

Quilt A Wreath In Different Color Combinations For All Seasons.

This wreath quilt can be made using seasonal colors to celebrate any season through the year. Adorn the wreath with fun applique birds. A pair of Chikadees, and a sparrow or two, and position them where you like. For winter, feature Cardinals, a beautiful Christmas wreath to put on display right through the festivities, and to the end of the season. Or leave the birds off, and enjoy making a dazzling wreath in colors of your choice.


Use full size templates, or strip piece this easy wreath. There are also color diagrams to help with fabric placement for four stunning wall quilts. Use the bird templates, or find fabric with your favorite birds that can be cut out and appliqued to the wreath. Make a mini wreath with quaint yellow sparrows, or sweet chikadees.

Christmas Wreath with Cardinals

Applique the quilt with flowers, hearts or stars. Embellish with a bow, acorns and berries, or anything you choose for the season or your decor.

wreath wall quilt with birds

The 8 page Pattern Book ‘Star Wreath For All Seasons’ includes four wall quilts of which one is a mini that can also be used on the table. The wreath makes a special gift and especially for anyone who would love to display their birds on a pretty wall quilt.


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