Cut And Sew Perfect Jelly Roll Strip Sets Or Any Size Strips

Make Your Strip Sewing More Accurate.

These tips for sewing with strips sets will provide a whole new level of results. Using precuts save time but it also feels as though you’re getting results fast. It’s exciting to see the blocks come together. The visual results of each colorful pattern spurs you on to fit in making just one more!


Accuracy in cutting as well as sewing is key and it is so easy to achieve. You’ll be amazed at the difference in results using these techniques that anyone can do.

how to sew perfect strips sets

Sherri from A Quilting Life suggests double checking your 1/4″ seam allowance right at the start of a strip piecing project. If each seam is off just a small amount, the amounts can really add up. If you find the seam is a little off, try pressing the seams open, instead of to the side.

Take care when pressing. Sherri mentions that you could add curves into your strip sets:

Whether you decide to press your seam allowances open or to one side, be especially careful when pressing strip sets. You can actually add “curves” into your strip sets if you move your iron in an arc while pressing. Make straight movements with your iron that are perpendicular to your strip set.

Cutting longer strips into shorter strips is better for sewing and pressing. It will make it easier to be accurate and minimize waves and curves.

When wanting to cut your own strips of all sizes, the Creative Grids Stripology ruler is a great time saver. It is super easy to be accurate, and you can cut almost a jelly roll of strips, or any width, in a matter of minutes. Turn the ruler and cut a pile of your own perfect charm squares or mini charms, in minutes.

Watch this video below to see how to use the ruler. It’s amazing!


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