Flip Flops And Seashells For This Forever By The Seaside Fabric Wall Quilt

Seaside Wall Quilt Table Runner And Placemats To Add

This delightful 48″ x 48″ wall quilt showcases the large beach cabana scene with its own seashell border from the Forever by The Seaside fabric panel. There is an inner border of the multicolored stripe, cut at 3″ for the sides and at 2″ for the top and bottom, to square the center design.

forever by the seaside fabric panel beach house

16 nine-patch blocks to frame the center. Each delightful 9″ block features a beach image at its center, framed by pinwheel blocks.

forever by the seaside fabric panel wall quilt

Using the color placement layout in the quilt diagram, sew the blocks to the sides, top, and bottom of the center unit. Add the blue outer borders, layer, quilt, and bind! This wall quilt is easy enough for a confident beginner and goes together in a flash!

Go all the way and make the Forever by the Seaside, table runner and placemats. There is both a 19½” x 54½” table runner and a set of 21 x 14″ placemats for your summer dining pleasure! Delirious! The blocks, which finish at 6″, each frame a different beach scene.

For the placemats, sew the two pieced blocks together with sashing, cornerstones and the striped border. To finish, layer the placemat with batting and backing as instructed, sew the 3 layers together, turn right side out, and slip stitch the opening closed.

forever by the seaside fabric panle placemat

For the table runner, alternate the pieced blocks with squares from the flip-flop print. Add sashing and cornerstones, the striped outer border, layer, and bind.

forever by the seaside fabric panel table runner

Make just one project, or make all three.

Get Forever By The Sea Beach House Fabric Panel Here

Get Forever By the Sea Flip Flop Fabric Here

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