Happy Apple Pot Holders

Apple Pot Holders Welcome In Any Kitchen

Anything apple, strawberry citrus or cherry is a always a lovely theme for kitchen things. Somehow they never date and always make a kitchen look bright and happy. Pot holders could almost become a feature item in the kitchen. They’re so pretty hanging up in the kitchen. With a lot of good use, pot holders wear out pretty quickly. However, so easy to make and use very little fabric that you can almost always get away matching up some pretty fabric scraps. Most can be done on a Saturday afternoon.

With so many pot holders to choose from a circular pot holder as pretty as this one, seems to stand out somehow. Plac to put the hand in the get a good grip, and then pretty on the table too. They’re beautifully made and can easily be made following this easy tutorial.

make a circular potholder an apple potholder

Why not add a heart pot holder into the mix. Would make a lovely set. The red is so pretty, but any color would be just as nice. Download the heart template here. 

heart pot holder to make

There’s another pot holder making a bit of a statement and that is this apple pot holder. A similar idea with being able to place the hands inside. By adding a ‘stem’ for the loop and a green leaf or two, it becomes an apple!

apple pot holder to make

Pot holders are also such lovely gifts for passionate baking lovers. Most would love a beautiful hand made gift such as a bright, fresh set of pot holders.

large apple pot holder


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