Disappearing Four Patch Makes The Prettiest Quilt

Two Layer Cakes No Sashing

Create super easy 18″ blocks using 4 x 10″ squares, used for the feature quilt. White for a crisp background as well defining the design. Lay out the blocks to choose color placement. After finishing four blocks the secondary pattern is already visible!



18″ finished disappearing four patch blocks, set in a 4 x 5 grid makes a quilt constructed for an eye catching fabric display. No sashing and just 2 simple borders. Play around with a four patch, slice and dice to make it bigger. Choose darks and lights for effect. That’s it. It’s not really a quilt for scraps, but good for using up leftover fabric!

disapperaing four patch quilt Hope Chest

HELPFUL HINT:  When you are sewing the pieces back together note that the big square and little square of the same fabric always line up on the diagonal.  The rectangles of the same fabric are always one patch away from the little square in the same row or column.

Cindy Sharp – Tops To Treasures

Disappearing Four Patch quilt pattern Landllocked

The pattern, Landlocked is a great quilt pattern for order and symmetry. A fun quilt to place and rearrange fabric until you love it.


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