Make Your Trip Around The World Mini Quilt

Coordinate Fabrics To Create A Flow

Mini quilts are fun and quick projects that don’t take to long to complete. The ‘Trip Around The World’ appears tricky, yet is one of the most simple designs to achieve, especially using the strip tube method. It’s also one of the nicest quilts to display fabric!



If you’ve never tried a Trip Around The World quilt, a mini quilt is a great start. The quilt is constructed in four quarters. The pattern emerges as each strip is re-positioned, and colors fall into place as each quarter is placed. It’s exciting to see the design come together so quick.

trip around the world Sweet Parairie fabrics Down The Grapevine

For the butter soft effect captured in Samantha’s mini quilt, soft muted colors were used. Choose your own fabrics for colors to match your decor, or intended use for this pretty quilt, however, while putting fabrics together at least one should be a strong accent to make the design pop.

In this quilt, Samantha of Aqua Paisley Studio, used a soft palette of sweet scented aqua and sunny yellow. A strong earthy grey is the zinger for the quilt and defines the design.

Samantha free tutorial provides a guide for the fabric layout using letters to keep control of  each fabric strip. While she  refers to Bonnie Hunters pattern tutorial for a scrappy trip around the world, Samantha provides simple tips to get great results. The pattern tutorial is very easy to follow, which most beginners would feel quite confident to try.



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