Socks The Fox Boy Baby Quilt

Delightful Foxy Baby Boy Quilt

The cutest quilt with a a self-binding method as an easy and quick way to finish off the quilt. There’s no hand-sewing involved and the quilt gets backed and bound all at the same time. In no time you have a foxy baby boy quilt!



To self-bind the quilt, cut the batting 3/4” bigger than the quilt top, all the way around, and the backing 2” bigger than the batting, all the way around.

boy baby quilt layering

Pin all the layers together, ready for quilting. Do some criss-cross diagonal stitching through the larger squares and ‘in the ditch’ quilting (along the seams) around some sections.

To create the self-binding, fold over each corner of the backing fabric, so that the tips touch the batting corners and then trim off the corners of the backing fabric along the crease lines. Refold and press each corner, with the trimmed edges meeting the quilt top corners.

binding the boy baby quilt

Fold over and pressed each side edge of the backing fabric, so that the edges meet with the batting edges.

boy baby quilt woodland animals

Fold over and press all the backing edges a second time, to cover the batting and overlap the quilt top by 1/4”. Mitred corners are magically created at this point with very little fuss!

boy baby quilt binding

Topstitch all the inside edges of the self-binding, staying close to the edge (a scant 1/8” seam) and then zigzag stitch the mitred corners

baby quilt for a boy with socks the fox

That’s it! Socks The Fox Boy baby quilt!

socks the fox boy baby quilt

Just look at the foxy fabrics available, and so inexpensive!

Get Socks The Fox with a tweety bird on his head! 

socks the fox baby boy quilt

Get Socks The Fox in the forest here.

boy baby quilt fox fabric

Get a mischievous Socks The Fox here.

boy baby quilt blue


Thanks to Suzie D Designs for sharing this adorable foxy boy baby quilt.


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