Woven Scrappy Strips Uses Up Most Of The Solids In Your Scraps

Woven Block Look-a-Like Is Really Fun To Put Together.

A fun quilt to play with and goes together like a puzzle. All you need do is follow the pattern and the woven strips will work out perfectly. Then have fun putting the block together to create a woven block. The pattern suggests using solids to create the woven effect. It’s so good to finally use up the often piled up scrap basket of solids, although you could get some pretty neat weavs with prints too! All in all this pattern just screams fun… and look at the result. It’s great.

It’s not often you get a fabulous video to show you the ‘tricks’ of a quilt block. The video is so inspiring, I wanted to get up and start there and then, and I didn’t even have the pattern yet. Probably one of the most versatile patterns around. Create almost any work of art from this pattern. Use any colour, and can be made for any season at all.


The theme could be edgy and trendy, or country cottage comfy. The quilt will even lend itself to winter and cozy. if you don’t have any or enough fabric scraps, or you want to just dive in quickly, make with pre cut stips using this quilt kit.

The skill level is intermediate, and with the video for inspiration, should prove quick to put together once you have had the visual. Have fun with this one!

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