A Striking Country Quilt Cozy and Warm

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There’s No Limit To The Color Ways.

A warm winter quilt can be made using a mix of wintry, and even autumn colors, but it’s the little quirks that make each quilt one of a kind.


Use Cheryl Walls guideline for choosing colors for a striking effect. There are categories of dark, light and medium. Darks are dark blues, purples, reds,greens, olives, browns and black. Mix with lighter shades of the same colors, as well as whites, creams, tans and yellows. Medium colors are those that don’t fit into light or dark. They depend on how they are combined in the fabric. When a mix of all three are put together it creates a definite contrast, keeping the finished design clear and defined.

country style scrappy quilt That Patchwork Place

For a striking winter warmth, raid the scrap basket for different light prints, dark and medium colors. Red, green, gold and dark blue are always nice together. It’s fun putting the fabrics next to each other, as each one takes on a different color. If making this quilt for summer, apply the same fabric choices using summer colors.

Create an easy scrappy quilt, using an interesting dis-array of blocks. Try a fun mix and match of colors using Cheryls guidelines to make the quilt a little unique with eye catching contrasts.

country themed quilt pattern

This Country Comforts quilt design can be found in Cheryl Walls “At Home With Country Quilts-13 Patchwork Patterns” book. You don’t have to be limited to the colorways presented in the book. Any of the quilts could be made in a different colorway.¬† All are all either lap or wall sized, however, you can easily turn any one of the patterns into a bed sized quilt by adding more blocks and/or borders.


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