How To Make A Quilt Into A Quillow Using A Striking Amish Folded Star

Use Any Quilt To Make A Quillow.

Make a favorite quilt and easily turn the quilt into a quillow by making up a pillow cover and pocket, and stitching it onto the quilt. The quilt is folded and tucked into the pocket creating a ‘quillow, using the pillow cover to display. The pillow cover can be any design you choose. A special gift for friends and family, they will love unfolding their new quilt!


Usually the pocket is made with the same fabric as the backing to blend with the back of the quilt. The pillow cover can be any design you choose however an Amish folded star cover is irresistible.

handmade quillows for sale

handmade quillows for sale Amish
To make the pillow, Nicole from Lieblings Stück 4me starts with folding, ironing and stitching the star. Adding strips of coordinated fabric, Nicole made up these delightful pillows, just right to use for a quillow. Use Nicoles free pattern for the Amish folded star pillow cover. You can print out and keep the pattern beside you while you’re busy with the project. (In German but easy to follow or use Google translate)

handmade quillow with amish star pillow cover

Follow Allison’s tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew on how to easily add the pillow cover and pocket, and also how to fold up the quilt and tuck it into the pocket for the perfect quillow.

If you’re too busy to make your own, choose from Amish folded star handmade quillows for sale.


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