12 Block Fabric Panel Makes The Most Beautiful Bird Quilt

Display The Birds In An Attic Window Quilt Pattern.

Bird watchers will love this pretty Attic Windows wall quilt. It’s a colorful bird scene, each one cut from a 12 block fabric panel. Who wouldn’t want these beautiful birds decorating their home.



Birds are always such a delight to feature on a quilt. This Attic Window wall hanging gives the illusion that you are looking through a window to a tree beyond. On the branches are a variety of birds, some in nests and some with young, and peaceful Cardinals enriching the scene. The window frames are sewn with two fabrics of different intensities and with an angled corner which gives a 3-D effect. All of the blocks are oriented the same way to create the windows, while the panel pieces create a different view from each window.

12 block panel fabric birds chikadee blujay Cardinal

Etsy Mini Mades
Each bird scene measures approx 4-5/8  inches across by 6 inches long. This Windows Attic free pattern by ‘Sunshine In The Attic’ shows the quilt made with a delightful Christmas panel but can be used quite successfully for these adorning birds. The tutorial includes tips for sizing and will work out out quite well using the birds panel fabric.

bird panel fabric with 12 blocks

bird fabric panels

Finish the dreamy quilt with a sleeve along the top edge so that it can be hung on a rod or dowel. A wall quilt using nine birds finishes at approximately 27 1/2″ long by 24″ wide.

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