16 Fat Quarters Warm And Cool Create A Color Explosion Quilt

A Splash of Color In The Nursery Or A Throw Over The Sofa.

This quilt captures your eye and it takes just a second to take in the radiant color. Bright colors always lifts your spirits. Make this fun baby quilt that can be adapted to any colors. Use it as a throw over the sofa to create a vibrant atmosphere. This Color Explosion quilt will change the mood of the room from dark and dreary to fun and inviting.


Designed for a color splash, this quilt can be adapted to any colors. Use the same colors but muted to make it softer on the eye. The design would look great in browns and creams, with shades of deep orange and magenta. Check stash to see what you have the most of to use as your starting point.

16 fat quarters in bright colors


You’ll be needing 16 fat quarters 8 warm and 8 cool. Choose any colors, but to create the ‘splash’ be sure to choose something that creates a contrast between the fabrics in each row. The contrast should be strong between the triangles that touch either in the row above or below.

fat quarter quilt in bright colors


Batiks would create a whirl of color but don’t compromise on contrast. Start from dark grey to lilac, then aqua to dark blue. Go right up to lightest blue to start the color radiance, then tip over to warm lilac right in the center of the quilt. Then introduce warm reds. It’s magnificent, super easy using half square triangles, and such fun to make. Use an easy to follow tutorial from Bonjour Quilts.

Let this be your next quilt for summer, or adjust the colors to suit the season.

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