5 Custom Totes Choose Your Favorite Or Make Them All

Make Your Own Tote Bag That Suits Your Lifetstyle.

It’s not every day that the perfect Patchwork tote bag comes along. There’s often something, even just one thing you would like to add to your tote, whether it’s a beach tote, shopper tote or even diaper bags. What better than to make, or even get made… custom totes. Make it yourself and get the perfect bag that suits your every need. Plus there’s nothing to beat having the choice of the exact colors that you would like.

These extra large totes offer all sorts of creative choices too, so they’re totally fun to make. Use up fabric scraps for the little pockets and cubbies. I’m wild about this denim tote. Upcycle denim jeans to make this amazing gazillion pockets tote, perfect for teens and dorm or college bags. I can’t think of a better gift for a teen. It’s a personalized tote! Great encouragement to go back to college after the holidays, and is sure to get a lot of fun attention. Nothing to beat using up old denim jean favorites with lots of memories to have and hold as your college tote!

The pockets of the jeans are used as tote pockets with the original stitching and buttons left on for the perfect embellishments. The pattern includes a denim purse attached, upcycled from a denim pocket. It’s delirious! Banadana fabric is used for the body of the jeans tote giving the bag a really trendy look.


Use this same pattern to make these diaper bags with a small tote to match for teddies, toys and extra clothes. Use cute kitten fabric and it’s sure to become a favorite. Although this tote bag set would suit anyone. Great little set of totes for quilt classes, retreats and guilds. Simply choose your favorite fabric! What a super ‘quilty’ gift!


Included is a beach tote. Use fun tropical print fabric, perfect for the beach and poolside, with a slip pocket at the front for suntan lotion, chapstick and sunglasses. Looks good too. A lovely gift for any beach lover, surfer or outdoor fun seeker.

This gym tote really works with the water bottle bag to match. Great for long walks, hikes and even picnics.


Mix and match these five tote designs any way you like. Get creative, have fun and get the best mix of totes to suit your lifestyle.