Enjoy A Favorite Star Quilt Block With Vintage Prints

Use This Quick Stitch and Flip Method

This Beautiful centerpiece star block is the favorite of its creator, Sarah Murray of Anyone Can Quilt.


If you love ‘old’ prints Sarah uses them in her much loved Star. And of those vintagey prints there is often one that warms your heart every time you see it. Use it for the center of the nine patch anchoring your very own favorite!
vintage fabric
From Sarah:
“I love star quilts. And of all of the star blocks I’ve made for quilts over the years, this one remains my favorite. I want to share it with all of you. And you CAN do this new quilters! Just take it slow and cut and sew carefully. I made this block when I was a beginner and I was really intimidated by it. But when taken apart into sections I realized it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I would love it if you all made it with me.
“So first things first. Choose some fabric. Just grab a little stack that you like and you can edit later.”

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