A Quilt With Cute Dogs For All Dog Lovers

Fun Quilt With Happy Dogs About Town.

Any dog lover will fall in love with this moddog quilt. Its the new “Moddog” talk of the town quilt, bright and colorful.The design is quite urban and would suit all ages from teen to any age dog person. The pattern image shows a grey print neutral background with six bright colorful pups, so the dogs really stand out. The dogs look happy and the colorful busy print make the pups look like they’re wagging their tails.

Fabric scraps of brightly colored print is all that is needed for the dogs.  Fabric colors are sorted to mix and match and then sewn together in strips to make enough to cut out one dog. The dogs are cut out from the fabric square using the pattern template, resulting in a busy little pup. The pups are cleverly positioned with two pups facing one way, then two facing in the opposite direction, then two facing opposite again, creating a busy excitement. Each dog is a different color presenting their own little personalities. There’ll be great fun while each family member and friends choose their favorite.


The urban nature of the theme will look great as a trendy throw in the lounge casually thrown over a chair or sofa, not to mention how nice it would be to snuggle under. Any fabric color combination can be used, although the idea of using neutrals in solids and prints for the background, and bright colors for each dog is a great mix to make the dogs pop.


A background in black and white with bright colorful dogs would be quite striking. athe dogs are the feature of the quilt so the right background is the key. Fabric scraps of black to make the eyes, then choose some fun fabric to make a collar for each pup. Finished size is 53″ x 64″, just right to fit six dogs on.

With skill level easy this doggy quilt is pure fun!