A Quilting Stitch To Suit Almost Any Quilting Project

Use A The Letter C-Shape Quilting Stitch

For a quick and easy finish to almost any quilt, just follow a C-line and create beautiful quilting designs. To get started make a sample block and imagine the quilt block in four quarters. Practice stitching a C-shape, then follow back over the C, and an exciting design starts to take shape.


A great technique for beginners to try out to get the feel of free motion quilting. To get a picture in your mind, try drawing it out on paper first. Within a square that represents the quilt block, draw four lines to quarter the square. Draw C shape within the quarter square of the block, and follow back along the shape of the C, with a larger C shape. Use small or large repeats, until the quarter section is filled. Continue to complete all four quarter sections.

easy quilting stitch

Laura Ann Coia of Sew Very Easy shares her invaluable idea to make a sample of the fabric you have made your quilt from. Be sure to make the sample using the same fabric, backing and batting to make sure the sewing machine settings are correct before you get to quilting your top. However, make a generous size sample piece to work on your quilting try out.

Working within imaginary quarter sections of the quilt block makes it pretty easy to get a good balance to the quilting space, however there may be times when the follow back line goes outside of the intended space, or you get cross-overs.

Laura’s video covers tips to get started on drawing out the idea on paper, shows how to draw a C and then change directions to move to the next section.

The Open Toe free motion presser foot for most low shank sewing machines is available from here.



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