An Ironing Board Like A Table For Quilting Is Bliss

Never Struggle With Your Regular Ironing Board For Quilt Projects Again.

It saves so much time to be able to iron a lot of blocks and strips while at the ironing board. The large surface is great for ironing large and small quilt blocks, long strips, quilt backs or anything else that needs pressing when making quilts. The board is the same width all the way to the end providing an even surface left and right to iron the entire piece of fabric without one side hanging off the end. The tapered end is fine for laundry.

Use this quick conversion to a wide top by simply dropping a custom board on your ironing board, and removing it again when you’re done. The board fits right over your existing ironing board. It’s not permanently attached to your regular ironing board so you can remove it anytime and store the board upright in a laundry cupboard or behind a door.

It’s super easy to make a top that sits securely on top of your existing ironing board. Easy to remove when you have to do regular laundry. Never go back to a regular ironing board for quilting again. The ‘table type’ ironing board provides that extra space to use a hot ruler, or any other ruler. There’s room for a pin cushion, scissors and anything else you might want to have at hand while pressing your sewing projects.

removable top for quilters ironing board

Almost anyone can make this diy with a little knowledge about assembling with screws, and using a staple gun. Most hardware or lumber stores will cut the board to size for you. Then simply follow the instructions to put the board together and make the cover.

Super to iron curtains and large tablecloths too. It’s great to have a ‘work surface’ as an ironing board. The board measures 22″ x 60″. Easily adjust the measurements as you need. Then make the cover and you’re done. It feels as though you’ve had an extension to your sewing room. It’s great! The pattern provided has all measurements worked out precisely with the cover to make thats fits perfectly.