Autumn Leaf Quilt For Anytime Of Year

Leaf Quilts for Any Season Are So Peaceful.

Anything related to nature is so appealing for quilt projects. Leaf quilts are so peaceful and capture an outdoor theme especially when using soft earthy tones. The leaves in this Maple Leaf quilt are showcased in chain square blocks creating a uniformity to feature the leaves. A mix of forest green and deep rose were used for the leaves and chains so the quilt is perfect for all year round.


Quilting Board

Autumn colors warm this quilt, and although recognized as a seasonal color, there’s no reason to not use it all year round. It’s too pretty to put away, hiding the quilts beauty till the next season. Almost any mix of colors can be used from monotone greens, light and drak green print, adding accent colors of deep orange and burgundy. The background could remain a light neutral tone to place the limelight on the leaves.


Amish Country Lanes

Color choices are so vast to make this striking quilt.



If you’re short of time these beautiful quilts are available for purchase ready made.

While there is no purchasable pattern for the featured quilt, a pattern is available in a McCalls magazine 2012 issue.  Or else use the free pattern provided to make the leaf blocks and complete a 73.5″ x 73.5″ quilt as shown below. Experienced quilters might get away with making the chain quilt block and incorporate the leaf block to get the same effect. However the leaf quilt below is also very appealing.