A Patchwork Christmas Ornament Christmas Tree To Add To Your Holiday Decor

Fussy Cut The Squares For The Ornaments.

This quaint patchwork Christmas tree is made up using one 1 1/2 inch and/or 2 1/2 inch squares. Using left over scraps from holiday projects, the prints are fussy cut to display the print of the fabric to look like tree ornaments. The trees can be hung on the door, or anywhere in the home, and makes a sweet gift for someone special.



Make the tree in any prints. A colorful tree is eye catching, and could also be made in mostly green with a square here and there using different color fabric to display as the tree ornaments. Embellish with tiny ornaments to hang on the tree, along with a star at the top. Made entirely with 2 1/2 inch squares this tree is of about 14 inches in height and 14 inches at its widest, measuring width-ways at the bottom of the tree. The 2 1/2″ squares provide enough to show the print! They make the nicest gifts for hospital patients over this special holiday time.


patchwork Christmas tree


patchwork tree with embellishments

The pattern was seen on Quilting board, posted a while back by Letia of Fleur de Patch, France. The pattern diagram is quite clear other than a couple of lines in French for the instructions. Below are the translations posted in by several people:-

1st line 3 squares, 2nd line 6 squares, 3rd line 9 squares, 4th line 9 squares, 5th line 8 squares, 6th line 7 squares, 7th line 5 squares, 8th line 4 squares, 9th line 3 squares, 10th line 1 square. Works best at 2.5 inches

Here’s what I got on a google translator. (6 cm is 2.362 inches)
55 squares of 6 cm, in different tissues of Christmas. 1 of 6 cm square and 4 triangles 6 cm dimension in tissue brown for the trunk. Some beads, stars, bells to decorate. On the pattern: 1st Row 3 squares, 2nd Row 6 squares, 3rd Row 9 squares and so on.

Piece the tree and the trunk and use the seam allowance on the outer edge to needle turn applique it onto a background. Use any size squares of fabric, to change the size of the tree.

Christmas ornament Christmas Tree Quilting Cubby



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