Easy Patchwork Quilt In Flannel Is Striking

Plaid Flannel Quilt Is Heavy and Lush.

A simple patchwork quilt made up with nine inch squares turns striking when using a mix of flannel fabric. A row of patchwork shows off the fabric beautifully and yields a plush and cosy quilt. If you’re looking for a break from long and detailed quilts, the simplicity of patchwork in a mix of plaids renders rich rewards.


The quilt is made up of 9 inch squares, 8 squares across, and with exactly four 9″ squares come from 1/4 yard, there’s no fabric waste!  It’s the fabric that makes this easy quilt so inviting! Choose your mix and stitch up this delightful quilt.


The quilt is not based on a designer pattern at all. Amy from Diary Of A Quilter provides her measurements and instruction that anyone can do.

For this quilt I bought 1/4 or 1/2 yards and cut them into 9″ squares. (You can get four (9″ x 9″ squares from 1/4 yard.) I laid out the quilt 8 squares across x 10 squares down for a 68″ x 85″ throw-size quilt. (You would need about 10 half yards or 20 quarter yards to make this quilt top.)

If you’re looking for a project to relax with that produces an amazing quilt for the new season, simple patchwork offers instant gratification.



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