Hexagon Quilts To Go And Lets Change Up The Borders

Hexagon Quilts And Border Ideas – Let’s Do it!

This article might be a bit dis-jointed because… well… it’s about hexagons, and after all said and done, hexagons have six sides to them. Let’s have some fun deciding how to create a spin on these lushes hexagon quilts and defy the border rules to finish.

So I collected a couple of ideas on hexies and managed to get the tutorials added to make this whole idea useful. There are some inspirational hexagon quilt projects to start. The tutorial on how to make the hexagons from scratch is further down. And some fabulous free patterns, from a “nesting hexagon” quilt , to a fabulous 8″ hexie bag!

Hope these ideas will help in making a hexie quilt a little more personalized.

It starts here with the prettiest border on what I guess is a lap quilt, with a rustic charm. The tutorial on finishing this hexie is on how to make the border with a string of hexagons round the entire border. Yet look at how appealing this little quilt would be with a hexie flower left, as is, at the corners.

hexagon quilt border idea

The tutorial goes on to show how to add hexies all the way round. Both are nice. But The flower at the corner could remain as in the above photo.

make a hexagon quilt border with hexagons

Here’s the Vignette hexagon quilt with a white inner border. Notice the hexie flower at the corner.

Vignette hexagon quilt

How about this hexie quilt from Quilt Barn, where the hexies are on 2.5″ squares, or mini charms, instead of sewing hundreds of plain spacers, making it very easy to stitch the quilt top. To complete a queen size quilt you would need:

108 blocks in a 9 x 12 layout.
3.5 Yards backing fabric
756  of 2.5″  squares or 18 mini charm packs.
3 x 100/pack  1″ hexies (which you use at least 3 times over)
Binding to finish.

hexagon quilt made with mini charm squares

Quilt Barn

Blades used for a border. ( No link found to this so we can’t point you to the source at all)

hexagon quilt with blade border


Before moving on to see the quick easy method to make the cutest hexies here is another idea to make a hexagon flower and applique to the each corner of the quilt. The hexagons add weight causing the corner to fall beautifully.

hexagon quilt idea for the corner


If you are already comfortable with making hexagons, scroll down to download the free patterns for the Nesting Hexagon Quilt, and the most delicious Hexagon handbag, just in case you happen to have a pile of hexagons to use up and a heap of scraps to make more!

So here’s how to make a hexagon. This paper template is a 1″ hexagon, and a 2.5″ fabric square. The size depends on how large a hexie you would like to make. Place the paper on the wrong side of the fabric

how to make hexagons for a hexagon quilt

and fold edges around the hexagon

making hexagons

Whipstitch edges down.

how to stitch the ends in of a hexagon

Stitch two hexies together.

stitch two hexagons together

This is how it turns out.

two hexagons stitched together form a flower

And at the back. No need to trim any fabric at all.

making hexagons what the back looks like

To make a flower start by sewing one petal to the center piece.

how to make a flower hexagon

Continue stitching all petals on using stitching as shown previously.

completing the hexagon flower

Back of the Hexie flower.

back of a hexagon flower

Hexagon flower completed. Now remove the paper from each petal. Pull back a the corner of each petal and gently pull the paper out. Then press the flower nice and flat. You can use those papers at least another three times.

hexagon flower take out paper to sew

If you’re making the quilt using mini charm squares, lay the flower on the mini charm. First, fold your square in half, finger press, fold in half again, finger press. This creates a cross hatch for you to center your flower. Line up the notch on each side of the flower to the horizontal line. Pin in place.

make a hexagon quilt flower on mini charm square

Sew around the flower close to the edge.

appliqued hexagon flower on mini charm square


A slightly different take on Hexagons is the “nesting” hexagon quilt. The nesting hexagons form their own border as a finish. Use a the prettiest piece of fabric to make the hexagons in this pattern, or you can crazy piece the 8″ hexagons, whichever you prefer.

hexagon quilt with nesting hexagons

This trendy bag only needs 18 x 8″ or 6″ hexagons.

hexagon quilt bag

Have a hexie time!

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