The Coolest Scrap Quilt Using Two and a Half Inch Squares

A Scrappy Delight That Helps You Get To The Bottom Of The Scrap Bin.

Somehow when you think of a scrap quilt, it almost feels as though you’re somewhat limited in your choice of fabric. Although scrappy quilts are pure delight and the most amazing ‘signature’ scrappy’s come from preloved off cuts of fabrics, it does take some discipline to stay on top of it. It’s all too easy to fall in love with a quilt pattern, and go off to buy the perfect fabric. However if the scrap basket is overflowing, it’s your own fabric store in a basket! All you have to do is sort. Scrap basket management is a full time job and there are two ways. Set up baskets or scrap bags and kind of  put colors, ones and prints together right away, when you’re all fired up to make a scrap quilt start digging down and find the pattern requirements fabric.

For this scrappy, Cynthia Brunz sorted scraps with black or gray background. Smart move. The starting point is the most important for me. Once you have that basic idea of color or tone, with that in mind, start sorting frantically. With the color clearly in mind, it’s as though your eye goes straight to it in the piece of fabric, no matter how small.

Scrap quilt pattern free

Cynthia also mentioned that when sewing up scraps she does not bother matching up seams. That’s quite a good idea. With a scrap quilt you can kind of get away with all sorts of cheats. The focus is more on the color blends, mixes and matches. Also, one of the easiest use of scraps is a pattern that uses 2 1/2″ squares. There’s almost no limit when you’re using squares that small, and suddenly a whole new world opens up. It’s harder to find a whole heap of scrap fabric matching up when you’re trying to make say, twenty four 10″ blocks. There’s often just not enough of those size pieces to match for the whole project.


Moving on, Cynthia then found a heap of different shades of blue and turquoise solids. That kind of became the driving force to make the dominating color turquoise. With black and grey backgrounds the turquoise is perfect. This quilt would look amazing in any bright color. Use magenta instead of the turquoise. I’ve noticed a possible dominat of rose pink peeping out from some of the florals. Should be there enough of that matching rose pink in your stash, or scraps, that will do instead of the turquoise.

scrap quilt block with pink floral squares

In some of the blocks Cynthia used a solid turquoise square, and in the others, simply farmed four 2 1/2 ” squares with a turquoise frame.

scrap quilt blocks with two and a half inch squares

This quilt truly has a signature feel. For the block with a turquoise solid in the center,use 36 x 2 1/2″ squares. For the block with a turquoise frame, use a total of 48 x 2 1/2″ squares. The completed block measures 16 1/2″ unfinished. A generous size to showcase the beauty of the fabric…  scrappy fabric!

scrap quilt sixteen and a half inch blocks

Then alternate the blocks when sewing together. These blocks could be used in a row of three for an awesome table runner. Or even one block for a table mat. Striking. Cynthia Brunz is the pattern designer of this smart design. I think it’s so neat. Hope you’ll enjoy giving it a try!