Dogtooth Diamond Twist In Turquoise, Lavender and Teal Is Striking

Dogtooth Quilt A Waterfall In Beautiful Turquoise Lavender And Teal

Striking Dogtooth quilt in batik fabric… just beautiful! It’s not just the choice of colors that make this quilt so beautiful. The way the backgorund fabric is light… and then the star is dark. The border is the same blue as the star, and the star is floating on lavender.

The pattern explains exactly which fabric to use to create the same effect. Although the design is so well thought out, this quilt would look amazing in any color choice.

The Dogtooth blocks are cleverly twisted. Angled pieces added, and the result is a pieced design that flows like a waterfall into peaceful blue waters.

Dogtooth Violet Diamond Twist quilt pattern

At first glance the design looks really complicated. It’s almost as though you cannot see exactly where the blocks are. The pattern explains clearly step by step, and in no time the shape and placement of the blocks start to come together.

dogtooth quilt blocks free pattern

How to assemble the blocks.

how to make the rows for a dogtooth quilt

At Intermediate level, Dogtooth Violet is quite easy.


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