Quilt For Guys Great Throw With Trendy Directional Arrows

Directional Arrows Throw Quilt Sews Up Quick And A Great Quilt For Guys.

This Directional Arrows quilt just screams male… urban… strong. It’s a perfect quilt for guys. The quilt is all about the fabric, and the right pattern is all about the design. A simple pattern often does justice to great prints that have a personality all of their own. It’s not an easy task finding an easy quilt to whip together suitable for a young guy. The directional quilt does not have one iota of ‘soft’ about it, and sure to get rave reviews! It’s perfect! The quilt is so easy and sews up quick. Choose your own colors if the urban green, orange and gray don’t suit.


Some surprising results come up with this super easy quilt pattern. You will be quite pleased, I’m sure, with how easily and quickly it goes together. The muted greens and mustard golds great for Autumn.



Use the same pattern and switch to brilliant batiks in Kaffe prints, for a winter thrill. Suddenly the quilt takes on an fun buzz. A total opposite in fabric with the same quilt… it takes you by surprise! While the Kaffe prints are just delicious, the greens, golds and grays are perfect for a totally trendy autumn quilt with an urban feel. The Kaffe prints are all color, all movement and totally dynamic, now perfect for girls! Isn’t this just lovely! Young and so fresh!


You need a fat quarter bundle with at least 24 prints. The bundle will provide enough for three throw sized quilts. Each of you can choose your own solid or solid substitute and end up with a very different look. Mellissa from 100 Billion Stars, the designer of this neat quilt, suggested sharing the project between three friends. That way you get the mix of prints, reduce costs and left overs, and get the benefit of wildly colorful prints.

The pattern is easy enough for a beginner and provides the perfect top for quilters to have fun quilting.

Have fun mixing up the prints. The arrows suddenly loose direction!

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