Triangle Quilt Pattern To Create An Exciting X Design

Clever Triangle Pattern With White Sashing Makes Edgy X’s

A simple pattern amde from 100 triangles together with strips of white sashing creates a really edgy crisscross design that really pops. A random selection of colorful prints bring this quilt to life. It’s a new and different classical design that would fit in with almost any decor. Choose your colors to suit. The fresh white sashing is the key to playing up the crosses and emphasizing the whole design.

Surprisingly easy to put together. Follow the fabric suggestions, or simply choose your own favorite prints. I can see the design in almost any color. Designer Elizabeth Olwan for Cloud Nine Fabrics, mentions that to create the look, follow the block chart for exact fabric placement to make 23 blocks. There is a quilt diagram for 6″ x 3″ sashing placement between blocks.
Then you will adding 3″ x 72″ sashing between rows to complete the quilt.

I love the quilting on the white. The straight lines of the quilting, although randomly placed, tie the structure of the crosses design together, finishing with a perfect dark crisp binding. It just works! … has a great feel. It’s the white sashing that does it… the crosses really pop. I can see this quilt with only one color and white sashing if you really wanted to compliment an exact decor color. Something like a small print dark royal blue, with the crsip white sashing. Magenta would be very striking too.


Have fun matching your decor colors with this one.


There is a free pattern download available for this edgy triangles quilt pattern.