Batik Fabric Scraps Turns Into A Beautiful Scrappy Triangles Quilt

Use Up Those Batik Fabric Scraps That You Can’t Bear To Throw Out.

This pattern is a winner if you get to use up your fabric scraps and get a fantastic result like this. The beauty of batiks to my way of thinking, is that the fabric has undefined texture, allowing you to get away with using scraps, and still get a fabulous look.  It’s a great idea to use one color for the borders,sashing and binding like the Scrappy Triangles in the pattern image. A neat little trick to tie it all together, even if a heap of fabric scraps are used.

If you love scrap quilts, and have the experience this is a gem.  It’ll be challenging and fun, and what a good feel to see those batik fabric scraps turn into a stunner. Batiks are perfect for this project, but the design is so appealing, any fabric will still capture the same feel, especially with one color for the borders.

There’s a special story with the design of this quilt. It started out as a triangle square exchange amongst 12 friends! Look what became of a the share! It’s just lovely. The pattern,design and texture is balanced. It’s a great choice to use one color for the borders,sashing and binding. That’s the secret. Here’s the pattern diagram.


The pattern is so delightful. Choose your favorite fabric to create exactly the feel you want. The blocks are a fabulous 16 inches, providing a large platform to show off the formation of the triangles. The pattern requires only 12, and once the blocks are done, imagine how quickly the quilt top comes together! 12 x 16″ blocks renders a finished quilt size 62″ x 79″.


This quilt pattern is available for purchase. Please click the link provided in the green box to purchase your very Scrappy Triangles quilt pattern.