Blue Carolina Starburst If You Love Blue

Put Your Blues On Display With A Starburst.

Blues are fresh with white, and using hst’s provide just that. A perfect combination of cool blue prints with crisp white put together to create a radiant starburst, backed with Navy Lace prints. This Starburst quilt can easily be started and finished in a week-end.




The Starburst is made up with half square triangles and squares. With the wide variety of prints to choose from, it’s easy to find four shades of blue to get started. I love the gradual changes from dark to light. To get the radiant effect start with the a fat eighth of Navy for the center star, adding a lighter shade of blue with each round. Create your own escapade from dark navy through to white, with a mix of sweet pink and yellow country flowers in the print that softens the texture.

Blue Carolina Tattooed quilter

Lindsey from Fort Worth Fabric Studio designed the pattern ‘Starburst’, and when Riley Blakes ‘Blue Carolina’ was released, you can understand the magnetic attraction. For the backing, a timeless and classic Navy Lace, so refreshing. The design comes together quickly. Blue and white have a soothing effect and making hst’s are relaxing and rewarding at the same time.

Blue Carolina Navy Lace



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