Pillow Covers With Country Garden Cathedral Windows

Pillow Covers Cathedral Windows That Overlook A Country Garden.

These pillow covers are three dimensional with their cathedral windows. It looks like you’re looking out of the window and over a beautiful country garden. Cathedral windows are dimensional anyway, but have you ever thought of using a country garden fabric behind your window. It makes these pillow covers look fresh and summery. They also look a little ‘floaty’ with the sky blue background and the garden flowers and foliage scattered in the fabric background. The next time you make pillow covers using a cathedral block, think about the background scene of the window, especially with regards to where you intend to use the throw pillow. I have never considered a cathedral window from this viewpoint!

Fabrics you’ll need:-
1 Charm Pack
1 3/4 yards solid white
4 Fat quarters

Washable glue stick. Get a sewline glue pen if you can. It goes on blue so you can see where it is, then dries clear.
2 Square 20″ x 20″ pillows
2 x  18-20″ zippers.

-Cut 5 strips the entire width of the fabric and each 10.5″ wide. of white.
-Cut each of those 5 strips into 10.5″ squares so that you end up with a total of 20 pieces.
-To get the really crisp windows, make a perfect 9″ square out of poster board.
Once the fabric is folded in and pressed look at how crisp the window is.
pillow covers cathedral windowFor each pillow we’ll join up 9 of our blocks in to a 3×3 square. Press.
pillow covers white
Now the special stuff happens!
Choose 9 charm squares for the oval petals, and at least 3 contrasting charm squares for the windows.
fabric for pillow coversTrim all nine of the charms you chose for the ovals down to the size of the white squares.
Open up each square and place a charm inside.  Make sure it lays flat.  You want it to completely fill the space without getting turned in the fold. Stitch the square in along the edge of the inside of the square.
cathedral window for pillow coversWith the triangle flaps open, sew all the charm squares down. Close all the triangle flaps. Make two or three machine stitches into all the points in the center.
pillow covers white fabric
Cut remainder contrasting charms to 2 1/2 ” square and pin them into the windows.
pillow covers decoartive blue and green
Fold the center of the window over your fabric. Stitch.
cathedral window pillow coversIsn’t this pillow cover just lovely.
pillow cover blue and green floral
Make the binding and finish the pillow covers.
set of pillow coversIf you know how to finish these pillow covers enjoy making those beautiful cathedral windows. If you need the full tutorial please click the link below. It will take you to the full tutorial. There are some great tips too.

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