Bobbin Storage To Keep You From Losing Your Threads

All’s Well Till The Bobbin Runs Out.

Keeping bobbins wound with matching threads is worth the effort as it is so satisfying to reach for the bobbin already waiting and continue sewing. It’s keeping the bobbins nice and neat that’s a bit of a challenge, and particularly keeping the right color thread match. Better yet, how about cute bobbin storage that look’s colorful and inviting in the sewing room. A cutee bobbin case would make a lovely gift too.


Well Christmas is coming and there are heaps of bobbin storage gadgets available that are not only practical but look great too! Like this Stack and Store Bobbin Tower that holds 30 bobbins! Each level holds five bobbins of just about any size securely with out you needing to tape your ends. Bobbins are easy to attach and remove and each level separates from the rest.
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bobbin storage for 30 bobbins

Owls are ‘in’. This Owl sewing caddy has a suction cup and sticks on the side of your sewing machine for easy reach.
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bobbin storage owl sewing caddy

Also available in as a lady bug! Get it from Amazon.

bobbon storage sewing caddy ladybug

and porcupine… from Amazon

bobbin storage sewing caddy porcupine


There are great practical bobbin storage goodies like the June Tailor Thread Mate spool and bobbin storage.
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Thread Mate spool and bobbin

These bobbin clamps are soft on the fingers. Super easy to use and ergonomically design so no need to fight to get them in. Hold bobbins tight to prevent unwinding and better yet… they’re right there within reach.
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bobbin storage bobbin clamps

Then there’s this Bobbin Saver. This molded rubber organizer holds metal or plastic small or large bobbins. Nifty!
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bobbin storage bobbin saver ring


There are a couple of quick fix bobbin storage solutions that are an easy diy. Like this one… all you need are a couple of elastic bands. It may not neccessarily be great for decor but it sure is practical and doesn’t cost a cent!


diy bobbin storage

Or use a tin can and put magnets on the side.

diy bobbin storage tin can with magnets


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