Cathedral Window Table Runner Changed Up For All Seasons

Cathedral Window For Awesome Table Runners Choose Your Favorite Fabric.

This Cathedral Window style design offers amazing opportunities to showcase favorite fabrics. The center is an ideal area to display a favorite fabric piece, and the turned up ‘window’ edges in contrasting and/or complimentary fabrics are the perfect frame to make the center pop. Creating its own outer frame, as a table topper is really eye catching. Use the design for any season by changing to related fabrics. The results are quite a work of art.

The design is recognized as a Cathedral Window, however the runner is really just made up of circles, with selected fabric for effect, layered and sewn together to make placemates, table toppers, table runners, and even a baby playmat. Once you get the idea, the design can easily be adapted to using smaller or larger circles, and how long or wide by the way the circles are sewn together.


With a little experience the design can be adapted from there to make a table runner.


There is also a five minute video by Charlie from Quilters Haven showing how to use templates to get amazing results.

Look at the table toppers that can be made using this method. Use Christmas fabric, or even muted Autumn tones, or fashion with rich dark earthy fabrics, or bright blue batiks with snowflakes. It’s amazing how you can adapt this type of runner perfectly for any season or decor. How about a spooky Halloween table topper?



This one has a feature area in orange with reverse fabric. This Cathedral runner pattern is available for purchase.


Use just four circles for a single table topper or placemats.




Showcase your favorite flower for the season. The Poinsettia Cathedral Window runner is available for purchase already made.


The back is beautifully done.



Charlie from Quilters Haven explains how easy it is to make the Cathedral ‘circle’. Notice the Cathedral Style table runner in the video, displayed on the top left on the wall. Charlie is offering a super start up kit, go bigger of you like. Be sure to scroll page one and page two for best options. See Quilters Haven Kits and Templates here.

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