Charm Square Granny Square Quilt With No Fabric Scraps At All

Bold Granny Squares A Quick and Easy One Block Quilt.

These super easy granny square blocks are made up with charm squares and a layer cake. Choose your favorite charms paired with ten inch squares, and place them like a designer. It’s easy to do and the result is beautiful!


One of the simplest ways to personalize a one-block quilt pattern is to vary the colors and prints you choose for each block. The large “X” blocks in this pattern are repeated in each column and row. With no sashing or border, this simple one-block quilt comes together quickly and is a great way to utilize pre-cut fabric squares. Choose 30 favorites of each and put them into pairs.

charm pack quilt pattern Granny Squares

You’ll be needing 30 x 5″ squares and 30 x 10″ squares to make a quilt size 65″ x 78″. The design is simple yet versatile, adjusting the number of blocks to make any size. Using one layer cake and one charm pack, there’s no waste fabric at all.

charm square quilt block Granny Square


charm pack and layer cake quilt

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