Charm Square Pinwheel Surprise For Your Next Wall Hanging

Add An Element Of Surprise To Your Wall Quilt.

Using a mixed combination of a pinwheel in a cathedral fold, a new and exciting block creates a stunning feature on your wall. The Pinwheel Surprise is charm square friendly and surprisingly easy. Display on point or squared.


I love how this pinwheel has secret layers. The wall hanging comprises of four ‘Pinwheel Surprise’ blocks with inner and outer borders. Make up the blocks using charm squares, or cut 5″ squares from fabric. Single blocks could be used as a feature center for a table runner, or three in a row.

Pinwheel Surprise wall quilt pattern

The folds are soft in white, off-white, or cream, and remain possibly the most complimentary for the texture of the folds. Use lush gorgeous jewel tones for the pinwheels, and for the background fabric, an accent solid.  Place blocks to match diagonally as shown in the pattern image, or until you like the layout. Then choose an accent for the inner border.

Pinwheel Surprise cathedral style pinwheel

Use a single block for easy projects such as throw pillows. Incorporate a pinwheel or two into a fabric basket!

folded pinwheel block pattern Pinwheel Surprise

Displays beautifully on point for a wall quilt.

Pinwheel Surpise wall quilt idea On Point