Carpenter Wheel Use A Braid Border To Make It Pop

Add A Braid Border In Matching Fabric To Your Carpenters Star

Clean lines, simple design. This stunning Carpenters Star quilt is constructed using easy-to-make half-square triangle blocks (no “Y” seams!), and features a center star medallion. The addition of a braid for the border makes this quilt pop.


Using the same fabric as the wheel to match the braid, a dark strip separates the braids at the corners. Irish Rose from Quilting Board explains how:

using a cheater strip which is a plain border when working with intricate borders, and deciding on how wide to make it between the quilt and the pieced border after laying it out. Mitering the border corners might be tricky, and the addition of plain border strips is better than having to cut your pieced border too much where it doesn’t look right.

carpenters star quilt with braid border


A Carpenters Star can be any size quilt. Try this 24″ quilt to get started using a free pattern which you will find here.  Add another 2 1/2″ braid border which will result in a finished 29″ square wall quilt. For the braid, cut a lot of scrap strips. They can be most any size really, as long as they are three times as long as they are wide. A nice workable size is 2 1/2″ x 7 1/2″. Find the braid free pattern tutorial here.


carpenters star quilt


A pattern for Carpenter Star is available for purchase (also known as a Carpenters Wheel), to which a braid border can be added. The pattern, designed by Deonn at Quiltscapes, is a finished size of 88″ x 88″. Mitered Border instructions and Binding Lesson included in pattern.


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