Clover Schnibbles Clever Nine Patch Variation

Take The Clover Schnibbles Pattern Make The Nine Patch With Nine Patch Squares.

This is a crafty and clever way to individualize an already loved Schnibbles design and make it your own. When you first look at this quilt, it looks complicated, but the design is really just plain nine patch block with four squares added on each side. The blocks are on point and each block is framed with a chain. The design is simplistic beauty and your fabric choice and quilting is what gives this Clover life.



Schnibbles Clover reproduction fabrics


A classic block with a little extra dimension added on the side and turned on point, this quilt done by The Quilted Pineapple is exquisite in reproductions in full support of the antique feel it creates. The top is made up of nine nine patch blocks framed in a chain, the finished size 34in x 34in. If using a selection of fabric scraps the blocks simply come into their own with a little help from you.

Schnibbles Clover nine patch quilt pattern

The quilt requires a lot of little pieces. Imagine how much love and dedication went into the nine patch with nine patches variation. The result…awesome! Tiny colorful squares to make up a nine patch square. Those quaint nine patch squares are then used to make up the nine patch square in the design. Then a further four squares are made as a nine patch square and added on to each square to complete the block.

Schnibbles Clover quilt pattern nine patch variation

The blocks are quilted with two different designs and arranged alternately. The quilt shared by Timeless Traditional Quilts is just lovely. So much texture yet the result is so appealing, and you have difficulty deciding which block you love most. The colors are right and the chain in dark colors brings the balance right in. Random color scraps may have been used yet the quilt has a 1930’s feel, or is it an era all of it’s own? You might like to work from this pattern by Thimble Blossoms, and add the chain.

Nine patch quilt pattern Schnibbles

The Schnibbles Clover quilt pattern is available for purchase. Why not give the nine patch nine patch a try. Start by making a whole heap of the tiny nine patch squares, then arrange them together to make up the nine patch square until you love it. It’s a creative adventure and the results are totally worth it.