Take 5 To Create A Quilt This Weekend

This Quilt Is Simple To Construct.

This is the most fun quilt pattern for almost anyone to make, with options to use the Accuquilt Take 5 die for super quick cutting, or simply using Kathy Browns Take 5 technique and construct a beautiful quilt in a weekend. Use the versatile designs for Christmas or all year round



These patterns provide total freedom of fabric choice. Discover interesting combinations that come from using these quilt blocks. It’s based on Kathy Browns Take 5 patterns and even beginner quilters can be successful at using them. Kathy theory is that you take 5 minutes – Choose 5 fabrics – Cut 5/8 of a yard of each of the 5 fabrics – and in just a little over 5 hours you’ve made a gorgeous quilt top!

Take 5 Kathy Brown

Accuquilt Katrina Kahn
An experienced quilter can easily make a lap quilt in a weekend from start to finish. Choose any 5 fabrics that go together well, or go scrappy and get a fun mix and match. Use seasonal fabrics for a special time of year. Make a stunning quilt for Christmas this weekend. A beautiful throw over a chair or a sofa to add to your Holiday decor.

Accuquilt Die Take 5 Studio 2

Quilting Board
Although not needed to make the pattern, the quilts are especially easy using the Accuquilt Studio 2  and Studio Take 5 Die.  The Take 5 Die is compatible with a Go fabric cutter machine, using a Go Die Adaptor. Using the die cuts up to ten layers of fabric at one time. Reduce cut time, quilt more! Kathy Brown designed her time saving Take 5 Die to use with her Take 5 quilt patterns.

Watch this 1 minute video to see the result of using the Take 5 die.

Our feature quilt in Christmas prints is made using a pattern from Kathy’s book “Take 5: Quilts From Just 5 Fabrics”, published way back in 2010. The book is packed with 15 designs that look intricate but are very simple to construct – excellent for beginners. Simply take five minutes to choose five fabrics (one focus fabric plus four coordinating fabrics), stack them, cut them simultaneously, and you’re ready to sew creative, visually stunning quilts. This is one of Kathy’s top selling books. The patterns, tips and fabric ideas are easy and fun.



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