A Classic Decorative Pillow Simple To Sew

Appealing Decorative Pillow With An Edge

This pillow looks so impressive yet it was amazing to see that the pattern starts off with drawing a 30cm diameter circle on a piece of paper. These scatter pillows look so classy, like the ones you see in decor magazines. Follow the step by step tutorial to make one or a set of two decorative pillows for a new splash of color in the lounge room. Or a great throw pillow for the bench on the porch.

Use trendy fabric for a modern look. Any fabric would look great, from florals to pinstripes, since the style of this pillow cover is very appealing. The segments and edges require small cuts of fabric so fabric scraps would do it for sure. Personalize a feature area of the pillow by fussy cutting the segments for repeat fabric patterns. Match up with a solid border to compliment and enhance prints.

The pattern is so creative and surprisingly easy. The binding is hand stitched and very easy to do.

The starting point is always inspiring. Once you know where to start, the rest simply unfolds as you go. Make this pillow as an addition to your existing throw pillows using complimentary colors and fabric.

The details below are a brief overview of the pattern. It may give sufficient details to work from this tutorial. Estimated fabric requirements to start planning.

  • Scraps of colored fabrics for the front and rear side airbags
  • Fabric for the sides  (length 110 cm width and 10 cm width )
  • For the edging/binding (total length inlay about 200 cm )
  • The fabric for the lining (about 45 cm and a width of 110 cm )
  • Batting 
  • Zip closure more than 32 long cm

All seams 1cm.

To get started, cut out the circle and fold it in half, then in half again, and in half again to create eight segments. Cut one paper segment out and use as the template to cut the fabric. Cut the fabric allowing a one seam allowance around the template. Take note to cut fabric with grainline as shown. Cut eight. Stitch two segments together as show.

template for decorative pillow

Stitch two segments together, fabric right sides together, and complete to make a set of four.

how to sew a decorative pillow

Fabric right sides together stitch two sets together.

sew half circle for a decorative pillow

Press and trim bunny ears.

trim bunny ears

Stitch together to form a complete circle. You will be making two of these fabric circles for the top side of the pillow. One will serve as the lining for the inside of the pillow.

sew a complete circle with segments decorative pillow top

Layer with batting. Baste all three layers. Then stitch along the line of each segment. Trim any excess if necessary.

decorative pillow layer with batting


For the base of the pillow follow the same steps, except this time the circles with remain half circles.

half circles layered with batting for a decorative pillow

Stitch the zipper in.

insert a zipper for a decorative pillow

Top view

decorative pillow top with zipper


Layer  the sides with batting. Pin, mark and quarter.

fabric strips for sides of decorative pillow

Evenly distribute the side fabric on the pillow top. Secure with basting stitches. Remove pins. Stitch to secure.

attach sides to decorative pillow

For the edging cut a strip of fabric width of 4.5 cm and 200cm length. Stitch as for binding for a continuos length.

fabric strip for decorative pillow

Attach to the outside of the pillow top.

how to attach the edging to a decorative pillow

Fold over and hand stitch to finish.

hand stitch edging for decorative pillow

Attach the zippered layer the same way as the pillow top. Attach edging.  Fill with a pillow form.

decorative pillow cover with zipper


decorative pillow with edging completed pattern

trendy decorative pillow

There is a more detailed pattern tutorial available. The instructions are not in english. Simply wait for the “translate”
prompt. Read the full pattern instructions before starting.


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