Disappearing Nine Patch Choosing The Disappearing Part

Make The Disappearing Part Of Your Nine Patch Squares

I like the name of this block… ‘disappearing’. This disappearing patch quilt was made by a quilter who, just for the shear love of this fabric, was spurred on to come up with something new and different.  The result really is a little unique, so I couldn’t help sharing this nine patch square pattern. The pattern used is simply called ‘Disappearing Nine Patch’.

disappearing nine patch quilt complete

Start off assembling your nine squares to form your nine square block. This quilt was made up of 16 nine-patch squares. The block consisting of  9 by 6″ squares, so the block is quite big. Somehow I think the larger size makes for a more textured disappearing act. Mmmm… not sure if I said that right. But if you look at the quilt you might see what I mean.

Moving on. The the step that makes the nine patch disappear: Cut each square in half through the middle from right to left. Then in half again from top to bottom. Be sure to keep all of the squares exactly the same. Don’t mix them up.

how to cut a disappearing nine patch block

Now take two of the quartered pieces, turn them and place them back together with the nine square block again. (In the tutorial, the entire pile was done altogether) Clever move!

disappearing nine

Sew the blocks back together again. Pattern beautiful.

lay the disappearing nine patch out



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