Collapsible Thread Catcher Take It With You Everywhere

Collapsible Fabric Basket Thread Catcher Beats Carrying A Walmart Bag Around

This mini fabric basket has got to be the sweetest little thread catcher around, so easy, anyone can make one! A super fun handstitching companion to take with you everywhere. It’s the cutest little collapsible thread catcher that folds right down to the size of a cookie with just a twist! Then throw it in your bag and go.


Made from fabric scraps and a Pringles tin! This little collapsible could be used for heaps of other things too. Throw in a couple Wonder clips! Make it any size at all, even using an embroidery hoop would work. This one was made using a ring cut from the lip of a pringles tin, which provides a circumference of about 9 1/4″.

fabric basket for sewing

collapsible thread catcher fabric bin

collapsible thread catcher that twists closed

collapsible thread catcher that closes flat

You’ll need a fabric rectangle of around 8″ x 9 3/4″ for the sides. and 2 circles of fabric cut to a diameter of 3 1/2″. Additionally 2 circles of batting the same size. A quick one hour project and you have a mini threadcatcher!

collapsible thread catcher folds flat

Throw bits of fluff, thread and fabric bits right into the little basket. Push it all to the bottom. Then with one twist fold down to the sweetest little cannister, trapping all the thread tails. Twist again to unfold and your little thread catcher is ready to catch all thread tails and fabric bits.

collapsible thread catcher made from pringles

collapsible thread catcher opened up

how to make a collapsible thread catcher

Use the prettiest Kaffe Fasset fabric as Theresa did. Or personalize the little fabric bin and use prints that shows off cats or tulips. Have fun making the most adorable little threadcatchers, you won’t stop at one! This collapsible fabric basket sure beats carrying a Walmart bag around and it’s so easy to make. Make a great gift, and be sure to make one for yourself.

There is a tutorial shared by Theresa from Fabric Therapy. Here’s the collapsible thread catcher video tutorial where the pattern tutorial originated.

Thanks for sharing Theresa from Fabric Therapy


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