Cute Doxie Quilt ‘Ziggy’ Will Steal Everyones Heart

Heads And Tails Doxie Quilt For All Daschund And Dog Lovers.

This sweet Daschund lap quilt will capture every dog lovers heart. The Daschund’s name is Ziggy but since the pattern has five doggies on the quilt, everyone will more than likely come up with a name for each one. The dogs can easily be made with fabric scraps. Small pieces of fabric can be put together to make up the pups with their sweet faces and waggly tails!

doxie daschund quilt Ziggy

This daschund quilt is perfect as a lap quilt. It will feature as a throw in the lounge capturing everyones attention for sure. Not only for kids, the Ziggy quilt is quite fashionable as part of the decor. Make the dogs any color you like. The patchwork pups in chocolate are nice though. Anyone who loves Daschunds will fall in love with this quilt, although most dog lovers love anything ‘dogs’!

doxie quilt Ziggy with red dogs

The quilt background is great in neutral, so the colorful dogs really make a statement. Choose any color for these pups and they’ll be as cute as ever. Here red print fabric scraps of all sorts were used making this a really fun quilt for kids. The kids will love taking ‘Ziggy’ to the park to use as a picnic quilt. ‘Ziggy’ will certainly get some admiring glances.

doxie daschund pillow Ziggy

The design is so versatile, make one doxie pup and make a stretch pillow, or even a set of two to compliment your lounge or bedroom. Make the doggie shorter if you wish. The head and tail will remain the same. I am sure each little face will turn out slightly different, with every pup stealing everyones hearts.

Daschund dog quilt pattern

Finished quilt dimensions are 56″ x 61″.


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