Easy Pot Holder Set Using Half Square Triangles And Fun With Prints

Swap Half Square Triangle Fabric Around To Match Up This Pot Holder Set.

A clever and fun way to make a matching set of potholders, by swapping the same fabrics used for the center of one, to the outer edge of the matching pot holder. The idea is to use print for the center piece of one pot holder, and a solid for the outer edge. Then swap the fabric placement around for the second pot holder for a perfect pair.


Using half square triangles provides the opportunity to swap the fabric easily. Then bind both pot holders with the same fabric which ties them together as a set. All that is needed are two fabrics, yet these pot holders have so much texture, … they seem so much more.



Fabric pieces are 2 1/2″ squares, 6 1/2 ” squares and the largest being for the backing of the pot holder is 9 1/2″ square. You could makes heaps of these with fabric scraps, as well as using up those odd shaped ‘pesky’ pieces of batting always stuffed into a bag. Neat! You’ll be starting with two 9 patch blocks to make the pot holders which will render two 7 1/2″ pot holders. The quilting is so quick since it’s a small project. The quilting is a couple of straight lines. All that is needed to create each pot holders ‘personality’ is to quilt one in the middle, and the other on the outer edge.


Use a mix of one print and one solid to emphasize the swap around of fabrics for each pot holder. Any fabrics will do from bright summer solids to soft country florals. Only a few scraps are needed.


Half Square Triangle Potholder pattern designed and shared by Jen Baker of  In Color Order. Thanks so much Jen!