Raggy Heart Coasters A Quick Make For Some Last Minute Valentine Decor.

Sweet Heart Coasters Raggy, And Ready For Some Great Gifts on Valentine.

Whip up a couple of these rag heart coasters, a quick dash to make some last minute Valentine gifts. Create a Valentine atmosphere when you use them on your table and in your home. Make each coaster with a different heart using all sorts of fun red and pink prints.

Use pretty pink and red roses and fabric with tiny hearts, or anything red! Red and pink swirls, florals or even tiny flowers are sweet. A cream background creates a softer feel with the raggy edges. Use the same background for all of the coasters to make a set, and a different print for each heart for variety. In no time you’ll have a stack of these for gifts or to use when friends come around.

raggy valentines heart coaster to make

For the hearts you’ll need squares of fabric measuring 5 1/2 “.  6 1/2″ square for the background and 4 1/2” square of batting. Stitch around the outer edge of the sandwich with a one inch seam allowance for ragging. You can even make the hearts raggy! Choose to rag the edge of the hearts or applique.

Valentine heart coaster with raggy heart

They’re so easy and quick to make, it will take the presure off when you only have a few hours to make something before Valentines day. Red hearts are the theme for February, however the hearts could be made in any color, even deep purple or navy blue with lavender. No need to stop at Valentines, use these quaint heart coasters at any time.

Make it a little shabby by embellishing the heart with a tiny lace bow. Think of the fun you’ll have choosing the prints for each heart.