Easy Wonder Clip Bowl Zip And Go

Keep Wonder Clips With You Always.

Wonder clips are a great alternative to pins especially when working with quilts, handbags and heavyweight fabrics. Having them right at hand helps you to get your quilts finished fast. This handy zipper ‘bowl’ is designed to hold 50 regular sized wonder clips, plus some extra before it’s totally full. Zip up and go for retreats or sewing class to keep them from spilling out into your bag or basket. The bowl can also hold coins, ear plugs and usb drives, and even kids lego!


Stitch one up for a quilters gift and fill with wonder clips, I would certainly love a gift like that! The unpredictable part of the zipper bowl gift, is the way you mix it up. Use a surprise fabric for the inside. Make the bowl pouch a little more trendy by adding a fun puller by way of a charm, or add a ring to the zipper pull and tie on a ribbon in a coordinated color, even a small pom pom! The color and size of the zipper can be part of the accent color for a little extra style.

easy wonder clip bowl

The finished measurement for a bowl that holds 50 regular clips is 7 inches x 2 1/2 inches. The pattern can be enlarged or reduced to whatever size you would like. Included in the pattern is a video tutorial, you stop at making just one! The standard pattern requires a zipper 18 inch long. A zipper can be cut down to size to fit the required size bowl, and there’s no need for a special style of zipper. One zipper will make two bowls.

charms for zipper pulls love hope faith


Make a fat quarter friendly zipper bowl for yourself, and any size you choose! The bowl has a flat base and when unzipped opens up totally for easy access to the clips. Wonder Clips make your binding process smooth and allow you to get your quilts finished fast. It’s great to have the clips right at hand. These bowls are also great scrap busters.


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