Fat Quarter Slide Quilt Fits Any Decor

Use A Favorite Fat Quarter Collection.

Twenty fat quarters present a load of fun this weekend. The Slide quilt is perfect for beginners, the simple technique offers unlimited combinations to stitch and turn blocks for the most creative results. A simple design that will suit almost any decor.


A collection ensures all fabrics are coordinated. Put them together to make up this easy design. Each block consists of four different fabrics. A square, two rectangles cut from the same size square, and a small square cut from the rectangles. To construct the quilt block, arrange the squares and rectangles any way you choose until you love the design.

fat quarter friendly quilt pattern

20 fat quarters will render 20 quilt blocks with minimal waste. Then lay out the blocks four across and five down. Turn them anyway you choose to make up interesting color flow and patterns. A fun project where no two quilts are the same. So simple, yet so many possibilities, with one design that you will use over and over and get a different result every time. Finished size is 71 1/2″ x 86 1/2″.

fat quarter collection

This quilt provides blocks that are perfect to display fabric, a fat quarter collection to enjoy looking at every day. The fun design will also suit totally scrappy. A playtime weekend project, you won’t believe how quickly it comes together. It’s pure creativity to put fabrics and print textures together, position blocks until you love the layout. It becomes your very own design, and might be one of your best quilt projects yet.


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