For Perfect Square-In-Square Blocks Every Time

No Fabric Distortion Using These Step By Step Instructions.

Traditional square-in-square blocks are great for creating negative space when you would like to break a repetitive block pattern, or as a transition block between blocks. Using this method you can also creates bonus HST’s reducing waste totally!


The square-in-square block looks pretty straight forward, however there is often disappointing fabric distortion that ruins the block and the intended project. The square easily goes out of shape when working with fabric on the bias. Sewing from corner to corner can be a thread width out, and leave an edge at intersections. We want our blocks to look like those in the magazines!

how to make perfect square in square blocks

There’s an easy way to ensure crisp, magazine type blocks using the tips from My Tea And Brie. Paying attention to details such as using a super sharp pencil edge when drawing corner to corner lines, and then sewing on the outer edge of that marker line(on the side of the line that’s closest to the outer edge of the block). Before removing the corner fabric to complete the square in a square, draw a line 1/2″ away from the seam, stitch down that 1/2″ line, then cut it at the quarter inch. The fabric you remove becomes a perfect bonus hst!

easy way to make square in square quilt blocks


Meg explains how to calculate the exact size block you’ll be needing by starting with the finished size of the block, for example 8″ square finished size. Then add 1/2″ seam allowance. To calculate the size for the four corner squares, divide the 8″ into two, which is 4″. The four corner squares will be cut at 4″ square plus 1/2″ seam allowance = 4 1/2″ squares. Using this method you can easily size up any square-in-square blocks to make a quilt with huge blocks, and with a repetitive technique for a quilt that can be put together on a Saturday afternoon. Or if needing transition blocks work out exactly the finished size square-in-square block you need.


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