How To Print On Fabric Using Freezer Paper

Make Your Fabric Paper Quick And Easy

Labelling your projects make them extra special, especially when gifting a quilt. How easy to make your own labels just as you need them, printing on fabric and on a regular home printer. However, fabric needs to be adhered to paper for a smooth flow through the printer and freezer paper is the best.



It’s really easy to make your own fabric paper using freezer paper. It’s an item item most people have in the home, and it’s really inexpensive to use. Using a good quality fabric will render the nicest print.

fabric paper using freezer paper

Write your message using something like Microsoft Word. Choose a font. Papyrus has a nice vintage modern sort of feel, or choose one that fits in with the theme of your quilt. Then prepare the fabric with freezer paper for printing.

Lisa, of Lisa Capen Quilts, says the Freezer Paper should be cut to a standard size sheet of copy paper which 8 1/2″ x 11″. Place the freezer paper shiny side down on the wrong side of the fabric, and iron by pressing, using a medium heat. Then, clean up the edges to make the perfect size fabric paper for printer.

how to print on fabric with home printer

Set the paper settings on the printer to “Thick” , “Heavy Weight”, or similar, and run the fabric paper through the printer. Allow to cool a minute or two, then very gently remove the paper from the fabric. Be sure to avoid distorting the fabric by peeling lengthwise, or crosswise to the grain of the fabric, to prevent pulling the bias grain.

Then turn your iron to the highest heat and iron the printed fabric on the wrong side, and then on the printed side, to set the ink.  While ready made fabric paper such as EQ Printables is quick and convenient, making your own is a little less expensive, and you can make just one as you need it.

Lisa shows exactly how to make your own fabric paper from start to finish, providing tips to prevent paper bubbling, and guidelines printers, which are regular printers already in use at home! Get the free image test here.


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