Join Quilt As You Go blocks With All Those Edges Covered Up

Join Quilt As You Go Blocks And Borders Seamlessly. 

Join together Quilt as you Go blocks and borders, using a strip in between. You won’t see any edges at all. We’ll be using some strips of fabric for the joining. On the front you’ll see a border, all nice and neat. But at the back there is also a border… nice and neat. Mmmm… not bad.

quilt as you go

Start with cutting the blocks nine and a half inches square. They’ll stay that size because with this pattern they don’t get taken in with seams.

The front strip is a two inch wide strip, and the same length as the block, nine and a half inches long. Fold in half length ways and press.

Cut the back strips one inch wide and the same length as the block, which is:-
One inch wide and nine and a half inches long.

Starting at the back:
Lay the one inch strip right sides together with the block.
Flip the block over to the front and lay the two inch strips at the edge, and right sides together. Pin in place.

quilt as you go with borders

It’s a good idea to use a walking foot on your machine because you’re going through so many thicknesses…the batting etc… What the walking foot does is it kind of feeds from the top as well as the underneath, so you get a more even feed. You’ll when you start stitching, the blocks, batting and side strips kind of want to move around a bit. The walking foot really helps.

Once you’ve pinned the Quilt as you Go blocks, the batting and the strip, you’ll find it a bit tricky as the bulk of the seam that you’ve just sewn kind of gets in the way. Just keep it firmly out of the way, pin your next strip in along with the next block, and keep your quarter inch seam if you can.
The fabrics are all cut to the same length so everything should fit quite nicely.
You’ll see in the video how you get the strip pinned in. Then the sewing machine will fit in just fine.
Wait till you see how the strips (borders) sit quite comfortably together without any gaps!

Please watch the video for the full tutorial.

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