“Picture This” Photo Quilt That No-one Can Pass Up

‘Picture This’ Photo Quilt With A Film Strip.

Photo quilts are the most personalized way to display precious memories. There are stacks of different photo quilt designs each with their own look and feel, and personalized with a special selection of photos. The nicest photo display for a collection of photos is on a wall quilt. Make it yourself and get a perfect match to the decor of the room.

Why not jazz up the photo wall quilt, using contrasting black and white fabric to add a film strip. Transfer photos to fabric and add to the film strip. This is the quilt with real photo’s. Be sure to use a method to get really clear photos.

photo quilt with real photos


The biggest challenge is to get the photo clear. This has been the best reporting so far.

Print the image on your printer, onto the photo transfer paper below, and iron it onto the piece of fabric you intend to use in the photo quilt. Easy and not expensive at all. The photos are really really clear!

how to make a photo quilt clear photos

This pattern is quite unique as opposed to the others that are either a bookshelf photo quilt, or a photo frame style layout.

Full pattern available.

photo quilt with film strip quilt pattern

Get the Photo Film Strip Quilt pattern here.

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