Save Your Knees And Baste Your Quilts Easy

And For Basting When You Only Have A Small Table

This technique lets you to baste your quilt on a dining room table. Basting is the first step to quilting, and quilting your project is one of the nicest parts of making the quilt. Workspace could be the challenge, and the only choice is to baste on the floor. It’s not the most comfortable, and takes much longer. Why not give this method a try.



It requires 2 strips/boards of wood, that are 1″x 3″, a little longer than the width of the quilt, and a sneaky folding technique. Starting with the backing fabric, wrap the fabric around the board with fabric wrong side up. Keep both ends even while wrapping, smoothing out wrinkles and bumps from the center, outward, as you go.

how to board baste a quilt

Repeat for the quilt top, except this time, the fabric will be right side up.

Color me Quilty mentions that the backing fabric should be on the table, and the batting will float between the top and the back. Then unroll a portion of the boards and begin basting, smoothing out any wrinkles.

Included in this tutorial is a great idea to use pin basting with sewing pins, securing the tips with Pin Moors (available here), however you could easily make your own Pin Moors cutting pieces from a soda can cooler, or wet suit fabric (see it here). This is also a great way to baste if quilting is to be quite dense. It seems quite quick too!

pin basting using pin moors

To finish, Color me Quilty mentions

When your done pinning the section on the table, pull in forward and let it hang off of the table and unroll another section of top and back. make sure you smooth it out and feel for any wrinkles. Continue this process until you get to the end of the quilt.

In the free tutorial, instructions are illustrated showing each step to baste a quilt without having to get down on your knees, or having to push 3 or 4 tables together!



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